Is it considered a success payment if I already paid the fee, but the session on payment transaction page has been announced expired?

When you make payment from the exchange or from a cold wallet, as long as you send to the correct wallet and the transaction status is "success" (on the change or cold wallet) means the transaction has been done. However, you must wait from 15-20 minutes to activate your account.

I have already paid fee but my account has not been upgraded to premium? How am I supposed to do?

  • Ensure the amount you sent is correct with the package you selected (transaction fee is not included in the package price)

  • Crypto transactions usually take between 15-30 minutes.

  • Send us TXID and login email (or payment code) to check and support promptly.

Can I upgrade my package?

You can completely upgrade the package or customize it from the beginning with our customized options at the pricing page (for new users) or premium page (for paid users).

Has the historical transaction included fee or not?

Historical transaction includes fee. Profit is net profit.

What is the minimum required capital for recommended configs?

  • Low risk config: The smallest trade amount is ~ 0.003BTC, you need at least 0.15 BTC to use this config.

  • High risk config: The smallest trade amount is ~ 0.003BTC, you need a minimum of 0.024 BTC to use this config.

Recommended configs need at least 20bots, but the USDT market has too few pairs and it is not enough to create a bot group?

Recommended configs are preferred at BTC, ETH. USDT is not recommended to use this configs.

Does the bot sell the coin I bought manually?

The answer is no, bot only sells pairs that it bought and operating independently from manually trades.

If I accidentally sell pairs that bot has bought before, what would happened?

In this case, bot will sell the rest amount of this pairs.