What is Luna

What is Luna? Advantages of using Luna in trading crypto?

Luna is a crypto trading bot platform that offers automatic trading bots services to help crypto traders dramatically improve their earning.

Users can set up multiple bots, using their own configurations and strategies using many different TA parameters and capital management function. In addition to, Luna also helps you to track profit and control all trading activities.

Advantages of using Luna over manual trading or other software:

  • No need to install VPS. No maintenance required. All operations are on the website, strong server supported by Lunabot. The system can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

  • User experience is one of Luna's main focuses, all settings are easy to implement with just a few clicks. All data is systematized in a scientific way to make it easy to observe and modify.

  • We understand that you do not have time to watch out your account on the computer all day long so Luna is designed to be accessible on the move.

  • We create a big community with many knowledgeable traders which could help you to improve your profit dramatically by discussing and sharing experiences, so that you can enrich your own trading experiences.